Moody self portrait time!

Apparently these bio's are meant to be short and attention grabbing, so here goes!

For me, photography should not only be gorgeous, but invoke feeling. To try and achieve this, I like to spend a little time before a shoot talking with my client to get to know a little of their personality and, where appropriate, their craft (music, acting, writing etc) so that the images will be full of character unique to the subject. I also think that location is important, as it can add both impact and a bit of narrative to the shoot.

To that end, my portrait and promotional work is all on location in London and Essex. This is both a challenge and an asset from a technical standpoint, but makes sure that every shoot is different and interesting! Luckily, I enjoy stomping around London camera in tow, so I'm always finding new and funky places to shoot.

A real passion is night photography. Photography is ultimately painting with light, and for me it's at night that light really comes alive! Night photography is full of atmosphere and emotion, something that I think can really set an image apart.

As for me, I'm London based and when not behind a lens I work in animal welfare - something I've been heavily involved with since I was 16. As such, I'm owned by four cats. I love baseball, reading and some truly geeky pursuits. My deepest wish is that pizza would be a health food.