I work with people, focusing upon portraits and promotional photography for performers, musicians or models, but also incorporating subjects such as family and baby sessions, or even boudoir shoots.
I work in London and Essex, and work entirely on location. I do this because I feel that using interesting and varied backdrops makes each session unique and interesting, as well as adding a sense of narrative to the shoot. I do not however, use the cliche of “in front of a wall” or “in a forest” – I like to match a location to suit the person, band etc that I’m shooting, to convey a sense of personality, whether it’s the Bohemia of Shoreditch, the edge of Camden, the warmth of a Royal Park or the isolation of a ruined building.
In a sense, I work from the inside out with a client insomuch as I try to spend some time finding out who they are or what persona they try to project, rather than just making pretty images. For example, with a singer I would listen to their music to find what it is they are trying to tell the world. Another thing I might do with an artist or model is get access to their social media and look for things that speak to their true personality, open a dialogue and make images that speak to their character.

I like my work to have an almost candid feel, as if the photo has captured a moment in time of the subjects life, rather than a straight up “pose” for the camera. I want the viewer to think there is a story happening, to wonder what the person in the image is thinking or feeling.

Where my work is now leading in strength is “street portraiture”, especially at night. I love capturing the vividness, mood and atmosphere that can come with the strong and sultry lighting of a city at night. The challenge of using the ambient light can be tricky, but very rewarding and brings a special something that isn’t seen in more conventional portrait or promotional work.

Yes, it is an important step in my work and an important part of my style and is time intensive which is included in my prices and time estimates.

There is a fallacy that using software such as photoshop is a cheat, false or even easy. It is none of these things – it takes time and skill that has to be learned and practiced, and much like any other artistic tool can be used to greatly enhance the final image. I do not use it to create composites, or as a crutch for poor work with the camera. However, I like it improve the vibrancy and impact of an image, making sure I’m getting every ounce of detail and quality from the basic data on the memory card.

Editing cannot make a mediocre photo become good, but it can however make a good photograph that much more eye catching.

Although I don’t like the extreme editing we see in fashion, it is important to remove the unpleasant levels of detail that digital cameras exaggerate. For example, in unaltered digital photography you would be especially aware of pores, blemishes and patchiness is skin that we’d not really notice with our naked eye. It also creates a stronger image to brighten eyes and teeth, take away strong shadows and highlights that can distort features or distract the eye. I do NOT, however, alter body size – my editing is about improving the art of an image, not pandering to unpleasant standards of popular culture.

Yes, where warranted I have a couple of off camera flashes in conjunction with tripods, umbrellas and radio triggers. I think that the use of controlled and appropriate lighting can create far more artistic options, and environments that would have otherwise been unavailable. Used well, it can truly enhance an image.

Some situations are better suited to only using natural, ambient light, so it’s not a hard and fast requirement but as light is to a photograph what paint is to a painting, it would be foolish to denounce a source of light upon principle.

However, the activity of a locale or local laws may dictate that an off camera setup cannot be used.

You can contact me with your details in the form provided, or phone me of an evening on 07930477287. I like to have a little dialogue first, which I like to include a phone conversation once an idea for the shoot is being formed. I like a shoot to be mutually decided with your input, needs and thoughts being a big factor, and to see if you like my ideas and it is easier to describe my vision vocally than in a block of text. It’s an organic process to make sure great images are created!

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I won’t waste time with the usual spiel about my experience or love of photography – clearly I love it, and I think the photos on this site will tell you a lot more about my work than a number of years or what camera I use!

As well as being a photographer, I currently continue to work in animal welfare which I have done most of my adult life, and is something that is very important to me. Working for a cat rescue means I have four of the little monsters myself!

To relax (on occasion!) I’m a passionate reader and huge music fan. I like to keep up with fitness as a great stress reliever and to counter the fact I’m long past a 21 year old metabolism! I enjoy following baseball, which could be a result of having been born in the States (go Mets!), and of course spending time with friends and my supportive girlfriend.

If I had one wish, it would be that pizza was actually a diet food!

Marc Griggs Self Portrait Moody
  • £200
  • Band shoot including full group shots and individual portraits of each member
  • 30 fully edited photos.
  • Price includes disc of full resolution images.
  • £150
  • Tailored individual portrait or promotional shoot of one person
  • 25 fully edited photos.
  • Price includes disc of full resolution images and one 4x6" print.
  • £175
  • A day spent with your family taking a full baby & family shootI prefer to get a more candid feel to baby and family photos rather than typically posed shots as I like to emphasise the emotion and love apparent in more "natural" photographs.
  • 30 fully edited photos
  • Price includes disc of full resolution images and one 4x6" print.
  • Price variable upon size
  • Each image is calibrated to ensure highest quality of colour and impact.
  • Individually printed by myself on Epsons flagship A3+ photo printer, using the high quality semi gloss photo paper.
  • 4x6" - £7 A4 - £15 A3 - £30