Hello Squarespace!

So, having recently been a WordPress user, I found that it just wasn't functioning as I wanted. So after looking around at the many, many, many(!) hosting options I've settled my home with Squarespace. I have to admit, I was a "template" addict with WordPress and was frequently looking at what new themes were up in the photography field and had been through many variants myself. Absurd!

However, as my photography has matured and my desire to showcase it with class (and loading speed!) I found myself drawn to Squarespace. Having to break my OCD need for a template with options, I came to realise that their options were beautifully minimalist, professional and simply "worked". The SEO and social implementation are wonderful, and most of all I no longer have to worry about tweaking, playing with plugins or updating. It's all built in! My website takes care of itself now apart from adding new content. My main focus is now just photography, which is as it should be!