Blue Cross Animal Hospital Shoot

I was recently commissioned to shoot the animals and staff at one of the centres for the Blue Cross animal charity, but with the brief to try and reflect real life rather than staged stock photography, which relieved me greatly! It's a lot of fun to capture the reality of caring, dedicated staff at work, and I really enjoy the challenge of accurately reflecting real life in a veterinary practice in a way that is visually appealing but still conveys a story. Photography for me is always about showing a narrative.

The staff on the day went about their business as usual, and were all incredibly friendly and helpful, letting me move about and shoot at will, with the only exception being the need to follow theatre sterility. It certainly helped that I have spent so much time working in animal welfare myself and know my way around a hospital. It also let me appreciate just how hard they work, with very high standards and levels of care. A very worthwhile charity.