Collapse and Skreamer live at the Camden Underworld

On Saturday I took myself along to see Collapse touring in support of Skreamer, at the legendary Camden Underworld. I gadn't shot a live music performance for a while, and was looking forward to testing the D750's low light performance in what is typically a very dark venue. Going with it I was using a Sigma 35mm 1.4 and a Sigma 85mm 1.4, in this kind of situation I much prefer to go with these fast lenses of high quality rather than work with a zoom that has a higher f-stop. It's trickier but it lets you get in more light and shoot at a faster speed.

A lot of these shots were taken at iso 4000, so you can see how well the D750 deals with noise at these levels - well earning it's reputation as a great low light performer and why I use it for night time street portrait work.

As far as the bands, they were both brilliant and thundering, whipping up an enthusiastic crowd showing why the London metal scene really does need to support UK underground bands - you don't need "name" bands to hear quality bands putting on great live shows. Extra credit to Collapse's singer harry who put on a rollicking performance despite a recent hernia injury he was battling while on the road! Hopefully the shots below capture the energy and spirit of the show, look forward to catching them again next time they're in London!