GraVil New Lineup Shoot

GraVil, London heavy metal group, have a new guitarist and wanted to get some new promo shots ready to introduce him to their fans. As always, band founder and vocalist Grant had his usual image conscious approach and wanted to show a little sex to go with the rock'n'roll! As such he organised a gentleman's club in Essex and a couple of alternative models to act the part of strippers who would for the purposes of the shoot adore the band!
This was a very tricky shoot to be honest. The location was darker than anticipated, and coordinating 7 people, five of whom are gnarly band members was a challenge. I was very grateful to the girls for being so patient and forgiving with both myself and the band! One of the biggest factors for me was trying to balance the ambient light with the off camera flash so the background was lit enough but the group not over exposed.

It was an interesting day, full of salty banter and I certainly came away with lessons learned about working in such a tricky environment.