New Take on Street Photography

This is a selection of photos I took over the winter but have only just recently been able to edit.
It reflects a new approach in the subject and composition, but also how I edit my street work. I’ve always enjoyed the exploration of melancholy in all artistic mediums, and for me I’m looking at the inherent loneliness that can be felt even in a city as vibrant as London. So whilst there are people in the shots who will perhaps add to the scene I’m trying to make the location, lighting and colour (along with a limited colour palette in post production) be the “story” of my street photography rather than the people themselves.

I’m trying to make good use of leading lines, and exploring how light and the lack thereof can affect the use of space and volume within the photos.

This is going to an ongoing exploration of the city with what I hope will an evolution of my style and technique, and something that will affect and improve my return to street portraits, especially at night.